Black eyes – How long it takes to disappear?

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Black eyes – How long it takes to disappear?

What is a black eye?

A black eye (or also called as a shiner) is a bruise area around eyes and it is the result of violence, or accident from driving, playing sports, daily activities… The collision in the eye causes the bleeding beneath the skin and makes the area around the eye bruise. That is how a black eye appears.

The fact is that women suffer black eyes 4 times less than men.

How long for a black eye go away?

  Although a black eye is not a serious injury you have to concern too much, it affects your look and makes you feel uncomfortable. The first thing you should remember when you got an unexpected black eye is putting an ice cube or a pack of ice on your eye for 20 minutes per hour. This is a simple and common treat for black eyes because ice helps reduce the bleeding and swelling very well.

You can use a pack of frozen peas as well in case you can’t find the ice; however, that pack of peas is not safe and not able to eat anymore.

Most of black eyes last not over a week, but if it is getting worse you should go to the doctor to prevent the risk of skull fracture or eye ball damage.

Black eye treatment:

You can apply ice pack on your eyes as I told you above.

I have seen some people use raw meat instead, DO NOT DO THAT!! Meat can cause eye infected and make it much worse.

In case if you have a swollen shut eye, never try to open it instantly. You should take your time and use ice for the eye compress, waiting for the swollen healed. You can take painkillers if you feel too painful.

To cure the black eye faster, you should take Vitamin C in your daily meal because it helps a lot in curing process. Vitamin C is rich in lemons, oranges, pineapples, papaya, mangos, broccoli…

Doctor’s help!

If you apply the home cure after a week and it is still nothing cured, you should go see the doctor right away because your eye might be infected and it is very bad!

How to conceal the black eyes:

It is unfortunate if you have an unexpected black eye and you have to go out. You can wear sunglasses every time, every place you go, or you can hide it by make- up.

You just need to find a concealer that is the same with your skin color.

Attention: Only applying concealer in situation you don’t have any stitches or cracked skin, and the swollen is healed, otherwise the black eye will be on your face longer.

How to avoid black eyes:

  • You should always be careful and observe everything around you.
  • If you play dangerous sports like hockey, baseball, football… you must have head protection equipment.
  • If you work in an environment which has many flying objects like carpentry… you have to wear goggles every time.
  • If you face a violence situation, you must protect your eyes and head, looking for help.

Eyes are the windows of the soul, so you should always protect and take care of them. I hope my post has useful information for you.

Thank you for reading.


Black eyes – How long it takes to disappear?
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