Change Your Habit Today To Prevent Cancer 10 Years Later

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Change Your Habit Today To Prevent Cancer 10 Years Later

According to “2012 Annual Report of China Cancer Registration “, there are six people diagnosed with cancer every minute.  Recently, a new 2016  report estimates there were 4.3 million new cancer cases and more than 2.8 million cancer deaths in China in 2015, with lung cancer the most common cancer and the leading cause of cancer death in China. More than 7500 cancer deaths per day estimated.Is it horrible? At least, I think so.

Have you ever worried about your family and yourself when looking at the above data?

It is possible to switch more humane food choices and purse a healthier lifestyle. This article talks about some of the dangers associated with meat and dairy products and offers tips on finding safer choices that are also better for the animals we rely on.

Obesity and disease are rampant in our country, and much of it can be traced back to the foods we buy from our local grocery stores. Our meats are fatty and high in cholesterol. Poultry and fresh produce carry the risk of salmonella. Even the fish is often farm-raised on unhealthy diets. Processed foods are even worse, as most of them are loaded with preservatives and other questionable ingredients that add to our waistline without providing the nutrition we need.

In addition to all the health risks associated with our food, we’re also bombarded with stones about the cruel treatment of the farm animals we rely on. Greed has led to merciless business practices that force animals into appalling conditions. Not only are these conditions horrendous for the animals, they also increase many of the risk factors associated with our food. So how can you prepare healthier and more humane meals without stretching your already thin budget below are a few relatively painless tips to help you provide healthier options for your family that are also better for the animals and the environment.

Cut Back on Your Meat Consumption

Doctors will tell you that eating meat can be bad for your heart, but did you know it is also the leading cause for many environmental issues? Greenhouse gasses released by farm animals, dangerous farm run-off into our water supplies, and the vast number of crops it takes to feed them make meat one of the most resource-draining foods on earth. Unfortunately, eating large quantities of meat is often a normal way of life, and giving it up may seem like too much of a sacrifice.

The good news is that you don’t have to become a vegetarian to start eating healthier. Simply cuffing back on the amount of meat you serve .will allow you and your family to enjoy a healthier diet without feeling deprived. The easiest way to do this is to simply reduce the amount of meat you put in soups, chili, stews and sauces. In many recipes you can use half the meat you normally use without anyone even noticing.

Another simple way to cut back is by participating in the Meatless Monday campaign. There is a popular diet plan-159 Vegetarian Meal which brings much benefit for lots of Chinese. I dare to say you are interested in this health diet you have never hear it before, check Leanreads to find what a magical diet it is.

Switch to Free Range and Grass Fed Meat

Cuffing back on your meat consumption means you should be able to buy better quality meats, without going over your food budget. Free range chicken and grass fed beef and pork are much healthier options than the fatty versions available from your local grocer. These healthier meat options are often found on small family farms that love what they do. As a result, the animals are usually treated much better than those in factory farms If possible, try to buy your meat directly from the farmer. You’ll usually get a better price, and you’ll be able to see exactly how the animals are raised.

If buying direct is not an option for you, many health food stores stock free range and grass fed meats in their frozen section. You can expect to pay more for these store products, but the value should be worth the extra cost.

Purchase Farm Fresh Eggs

The eggs available in grocery stores almost always come from large factory farms where the hens live in deplorable conditions. They’re often riddled with cuts and other injuries so many manufacturers rely on antibiotics to control the risk of infections and disease. These chickens are fed an unnatural diet, and live in misery for their entire short lives. Studies have shown the eggs from these factory farms are higher in saturated fats, and lower in vitamins and healthy omegas than those from grass fed chickens Eggs from free range chickens are rich in omegas and many people swear they taste better than store-bought eggs Depending on where you hive, you may have several options for buying therm. Many of the farmers who sell grass fed meat also offer free range eggs. In many areas individual homeowners have started raising chickens for their own use, and will often sell over flow eggs at a reasonable price. If you can’t buy direct from one of these sources, you can usually find free range eggs in your local health food store. They’ll probably cost a little more, but you’ll still be getting a quality product you can feel good about.

Watch the Ingredients in Your dirty Products

Since dairy products are kept refrigerated, you might think they’re free of preservatives and other potentially harmful additives. In reality, dairy products often contain questionable additives, such as mold inhibitors and powdered cellulose. Powdered cellulose is used to keep shredded and grated cheeses from caking or sticking together. It is also used to give yogurt and ice cream a creamy texture when the natural fails have been removed.

Food manufactures will tell you cellulose is a harmless

Product mad e from plant fiber. Technically that is true, but what they fail to tell you is that the plant material in question is usually wood pulp. According to a report found on the USDA website, wood pulp is put through a multi-step process that includes chemical baths to break down the fibers and a bleaching process to turn it white.

The FDA considers cellulose safe but you really can’t cons kier ii food. To avoid feeding powdered cellulose to your family, stay away from fat free dairy products and start buying chunk cheese instead of shredded. Shredding your own cheese is a minor inconvenience, but it’s often cheaper and creamier than pre-shredded. You might also want to consider purchasing raw milk cheese from a local farmer. Most states do not allow the sell of raw milk, but you can still buy raw milk cheese from same dairy farms and health food stores the natural aging process of raw milk cheese prevents the growth of unhealthy bacteria, while still retaining the healthy vitamins and cultures that are normally lost when pasteurized milk is used.

Finding healthy foods in the grocery store seems to get Even when you’re faithfully reading label, you still cant L always sure of what you’re eating. The best way to cut out unhealthy fats and additives is to buy more whole foods, and switch to healthier, humane options whenever possible. We owe it to ourselves and to the animals that ultimately sacrifice their lives for our nourishment.

Change Your Habit Today To Prevent Cancer 10 Years Later
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